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100 Days Of Code - Log


Day 53: 2017-Mar-25

Today’s Progress After a very long lay-off due to work pressures, I did two things today. The first was to attend a local Python meetup this morning. This second was to follow this tutorial and its predecessors - see the links - to set up a Google Cloud Platform account and app working. Looks like this will be a useful way to deply web apps.

** Thoughts ** I’ve not been entirely lazy in the last month - some small periods of coding - but I’ve not considered them worth writing up.

Day 52: 2017-Feb-26

Today’s Progress Day 2 of Code The City 8 One of our team of three was too ill to attend the hack weekend today. I wrote some rudimentary code to acess the SQLite database of feeds which is eveloving quickly. The bot demands a two phrase command in the form ‘theme place’ such as ‘music Aberdeen’ or ‘exhibition Forfar’. This is too rigid. Also the terseness of some RSS feeds leaves us very short of material to work with. We extended the database to have two new fields: Categories and Tags. The first can be found in one of thr RSS - and possibly inferred from the other ones. We’re going to generate the second. The bot code is lagging behind for now.

** Thoughts ** Another successful, productive hack weekend with great people who wanted to keep working as we shut down a close of play, day 2!

Day 51: 2017-Feb-25

Today’s Progress Day 1 of Code The City 8. We had almost 40 attendees who identified 6 projects to work on. I added new Github repos for each, added teams to support them and invited team members to participate. I also was part of the team working on the projectstuff-happens to deevelop a chatbot to answer questions about events across multiple local authorities’ areas derived from their RSS events feeds.

Thoughts The quality of the RSS events feeds which we are dealing with varies enormously.

Day 50: 2017-Feb-24

Today’s Progress Preparing for Code The City #8. I’ve set up this repo to act as a parent place for the whole weekend. Having done that I ran back though and did the same for CTC4, CTC5, CTC6 and CTC7. I then added links to projects at each of those weekends. This exposed quite a few projects which only had stub repos - or none at all. We need to manage this better!

Thoughts How to improve your stats on Github in one day of activity.

Day 49: 2017-Feb-22

Today’s Progress Carrying on with the Freecodecamp execises and challenges.

Thoughts Missing Python - but hope to get back to that for a while this weekend.

Day 48: 2017-Feb-21

Today’s Progress Completed Object Oriented and Functional Programming. Now started on Basic Algorithm Scripting.

Thoughts This might last 50 hours! I miss the fluency of Python. Still re-learning Javascript after years.

Day 47: 2017-Feb-20

Today’s Progress Completed “Basic Javascript”.

Thoughts Nice to tick off sections of the course.

Day 46: 2017-Feb-19

Today’s Progress Keeping on with the Javascipt exercises of FreeCodeCamp.

Thoughts Will it ever end?

Day 45: 2017-Feb-18

Today’s Progress Finally finished the portfolio. Not sure how well I understood what I put together - but it works. Back to Javascript exercises. Not sure how effective this was as a training exercise after such litte exposure to bootstrap etc in the run up to it. Seemed to be too big a leap.

Thoughts Missing building things in Python.

Day 44: 2017-Feb-16

Today’s Progress Making headway with the portfolio. Find an example, copy a bit, try to make it work. Add that. Slow progress.

Thoughts Almost done

Day 43: 2017-Feb-15

Today’s Progress Can’t wait to finish coding this portfolio in Bootstrap / CSS. Keep heading down blind alleys and ditching loads of code.

Thoughts Thrown into this too quickly?

Day 42: 2017-Feb-14

Today’s Progress Working through more Freecodcamp exercises. Playing with Bootstrap and CSS3 for the first time with any seriousness. Feels like I am fighting it!

Thoughts Me versus Bootstrap.

Day 41: 2017-Feb-13

Today’s Progress Sidestepped my regular projects tonight. Decided to get a bit more up to speed on Javascript. Not done much in the last 3 or 4 years. Started on FreeCodeCamp’s syllabus. Very effective programme by the look of it! Covered HTML 5, CSS and started on JQuery.

Thoughts Enjoying the diversion!

Day 40: 2017-Feb-12

Today’s Progress As I run through the MP3 files and compare the album name or tune title and compare those with the ID3 tags, I’ve run into so many errors today. Inconsistent use of Unicode, comparing strings with unicode - and finding FLAC files which should not have been uploaded without MP3 conversion. This guide and its Unicode sandwich philosophy should prove useful.

Thoughts Frustrating day.

Day 39: 2017-Feb-11

Today’s Progress Completed the work I started yesterday on creating new repos and populating these with Open Data converted from Google Docs. Back to work on my MP3 lister. Got a full script working. Tried running on the full music collection. Encountered many errors. I need to build in more error trapping - and also logging which directories have been crawled so that each run doesn’t start from scratch.

Thoughts Getting stuck back into it.

Day 38: 2017-Feb-10

Today’s Progress Had a day off yesterday. Spent today floating between projects. Tested my Railway Performance Data Scraper on a new batch of live data. It worked flawlessly. Committed the new files to Github. Updated the Code the City website with dates of future events. Created a missing page for a past event. Then created two new repos and converting data from Google Docs and pushing those to the repos. These will hold open data which should have been uploaded from provious events and could be reused at CTC8.

Thoughts Not a great deal of pure coding but a lot of useful activity today.

Day 37: 2017-Feb-08

Today’s Progress Spent ages dealing with ghost Mac OSX files which OS.walk finds. I’d not come across them until now as I’d been testing on directories created on Windows. Had to code around. Also fixed erroneous comparison of artist from file path and id_artist from ID3 tags. My error using “.lower” instead of “.lower()” Only noticed when in a TSV and spotted that all albums failed this test.

Thoughts Spent time dealing with errors. Now listing in TSV works. Need to run it against full file structure (not just test one) then start writing thit all to SQLite.

Day 36: 2017-Feb-07

Today’s Progress Improved the comparison of filepath and ID3 tags. Got that writing to a new TSV file (csv no use as some file tags contain commas).

Thoughts Moving slowly forward. Having more free time would be welcome!

Day 35: 2017-Feb-06

Today’s Progress Working on two routines in MP3 Tag checker - one of which lists files well, writes them to a TSV vile, and the other which I previously got working to read ID3 tags and compare them to the file path. I need to combine the best of both. Started that, but not finished.

Thoughts Not a lot of time tonight!

Day 34: 2017-Feb-05

Today’s Progress Back to my MP3 Tag checker. Having previously got it working out albums and artists from the file paths (abd storing those in a SQLite database - which feeds my Slac Jazzbot), I’m now working at the tune level. Got a quick versions working and uploaded. Needs some refinement. Then to get into the ID3 tags, checking those for completeness and accuracy.

Thoughts Back to an old favourite.

Day 33: 2017-Feb-04

Today’s Progress Another couple of hours on Slack Jazzbot Fixed the broken function - it wasn’t in the function. It was in the if….elif sectin which calls them. As I had re-ordered the options I had created a 2nd if instead of an elif! Created a second wildcard search for album titles. Tested the whole bot hard. Seems quite robust. Added five more albums to my mp3 library. Re-ran the functions to create lists and the SQLite database. Tested that these appear in the bot.

Thoughts One third of the way through the #100daysofcode programme already!

Day 32: 2017-Feb-03

Today’s Progress Another successful session on Slack Jazzbot I now have a wildcard search working on the musicians names. Yesterday I discovered an error in my Database where the original script had been writing a newline character at the end of album titles. I coded around it. Today I fixed that in the original script - re-populating the database - and removed the code-around. Broke two functions. More work tomorrow to fix that.

Thoughts Two steps forward, one back.

Day 31: 2017-Feb-02

Today’s Progress My most productive day for a while. The main functions of my Slack Jazzbot are now working. It has a help command which gives exmaples of commands: a ‘what’ command which returns all albums I have by an artist; a ‘count’ cpmmand which returns the number of albums by an artist, and an ‘album’ command which takes an album title and returns which artists have an album by that name. I’ve tested these quite heavily and coped with upper and lower cases and missing or present question marks at the end of commands.

Thoughts Very pleased.

Day 30: 2017-Feb-01

Today’s Progress Gave the Object Oriented version of my jazzbot one last try then abandoned it. I was fighting three things - insufficient knowledge of OO in Python, re-using someone else’s code and stripping out Eventbrite-specific code from the example. I went back to my original one. Made good headway. Still to hook it up to SQLIte database but the help and other commands all now work as expected.

Thoughts If you can’t get over a brick wall, go through it.

Day 29: 2017-Jan-31

Today’s Progress Got the new bot working just to watch it crash again and again. Some of that is from stripping specifics out of the example code I have to base my bot on. Struggling with Object Orientation and inheritance in Python. I may just revert to a non- OO version and buid on what I did last week.

Thoughts Another brick wall!

Day 28: 2017-Jan-30

Today’s Progress VirtualEnv now all working. Installed my friend Andrew Sage’s Slackbot module which is packaged to install via pip. Created a new bot from it, using his Eventbrite example. Couldn’t get it running. Spent an hour debugging to no avail.

Thoughts Sleep on it - again!

Day 27: 2017-Jan-29

Today’s Progress Fixed my VirtualEnv setup (I think) then spent a very long time trying to get a Python library work so that I could use it in my project in VirtualEnv.

Thoughts Going to bed with no clear sense of what the problem is.

Day 26: 2017-Jan-28

Today’s Progress Had a great start today. Cleaned up the album listing script and got that fully working. Wrote the new script to take the output of that and write it to a SQLite database. There were issues with extended character sets which I overcame, logging the problem ones then fixing them at source. The day ended less well while trying to sort out VirtualEnv - which I have intended to use for a while. Something is screwed up since I installed it months ago. Spent 2 hours trying to fix it that I was going to use to work on my jazz bot.

Thoughts Ho hum.

Day 25: 2017-Jan-27

Today’s Progress Having missed my first day yesteday I could have done with more time today. As we prepare for Code The City’s Chatbot and AI weekend I returned for an hour of working on a SlackBot as a demo for the weekend. I decided to use my MP3 album collection as a basis. So I am putting the albums in a SQLite database (almost done), then I am going to use the Bot to query it. For example, which albums do I have by Sonny Rollins? Do I have an album called “Stardust” etc. This builds on teh album lister, below.

Thoughts Soon I will be able to stand in a record shop and ask a bot if I have a certain album.

Day 24: 2017-Jan-25

Today’s Progress New file - album_lister.py now working. Has test and non-test modes. It will run through fie structure, identify folders, pull out the artist and album name, apply Title Case, create a list of Tuples , order that and write that out to a TSV file. Rough round the edges with redundant code. Runs slowly. But works.

Thoughts A work in progress.

Day 23: 2017-Jan-24

Today’s Progress Decided to go back to scratch on the MP3 logger. I need to separate out various separate tasks. 1. Create an artist / album index which I can access from afar (when checking if I have that album or not). 2. Check for missing folder.jpg’s in every album folder. 3. Check the ID3 tags in every music file - are they complete and are they correct. (And establish a way as automatedly as possible to fix 2 & 3). Started to recode (1) - almost finished.

Thoughts More organised now.

Day 22: 2017-Jan-23

Today’s Progress I was able to spend a few hours working on various Python projects today. I started with my very old Twitter Followers scraper, hosted on Github and running on morph.io. This had been erroring for a long time and I hadn’t got around to fixing it. Now done. Then after a few other small things I came back to the MP3 listing project. I tried creating a stripped down version and running that on my whole collection. It ran but didn’t give the expected result. It is not traversing the whole tree. More work tomorrow.

Thoughts Perplexed

Day 21: 2017-Jan-22

Today’s Progress Added a test flag to handle correct paths. Started to rewrite the main routine to use a dictionary. Rolled back. Needs more thought. Committed v1.3.

Thoughts I need to sketch his out better before jumping into more code. I might make more than one script - one to check files and log anomalies. One to read that and act to fix the anomalies. One to create an index of all music whcih I will publish to Github so I can check it from afar before buying an album.

Day 20: 2017-Jan-21

Today’s Progress Amended the function which was comparing data derived from the file path with the ID3 tags to just return the tag values. Moved the comparison to later in the programme. Created an output file. Writes data to that with highlighted anomalies.

Thoughts Needs more checking, and tidying then (later) write updates to the ID3 tags.

Day 19: 2017-Jan-20

Today’s Progress Back to the MP3 checker. Now doing a comparison on the Artist, Album, and Title fom the file path with those from the ID3 tags. Highlighting mis-matches. Still some issues with the more weirdly named files with miscellaneous putuation in the filename.

Thoughts Next step to log the data, then (later) write updates to the ID3 tags.

Day 18: 2017-Jan-19

Today’s Progress Jumped to creating a Slack Chat bot using this easy formula Got it working and responding to others’ input. Not much polish or finesse - but the bones are there (after only a short time). This might play a part in our Chatbots and AI weekend

Thoughts I accept - I am easily distracted!

Day 17: 2017-Jan-18

Today’s Progress Changed some of my code to use RegEx to grab text from file names. Works in (almost) every case. Tested Mutagen library for reading ID3 tags. Too awkward. Settled on eyed3 library. Populated the function for checking ID3 tags. At the moment I am just printing everything but the bones are now there. Created a github repo mp3_checker. Pushed v1.2 as work working demo.

Thoughts Been listening to loads of TalkPythonToMe as I walk to and from work.Highly recommended.

Day 16: 2017-Jan-17

Today’s Progress Created a much deeper structure of test files. Got os.walk now traversing the files. Grabbing genre, artist and album from that structure. The routine still chokes on inconsistent file naming. Created a blank fucction for checking ID3 tags and grabbing content - or identifying gaps.

Thoughts Unexpected progress.

Day 15: 2017-Jan-16

Today’s Progress After sruggling yesterday, I found this script on Stackoverflow It looks like I can modify this to identify the current directory and grab that as I descend though the tree structure. This will be quicker than writing this from scratch. Started amending it.

Thoughts Hopefully more time tomorrow to come up with something that I can publish to GitHub.

Day 14: 2017-Jan-15

Today’s Progress Spent a lot of time tinkering with routines using OS Walk to traverse a file structure. Looking to be able to work out how many levels deep I am at any time, and how the folder name maps onto a genre, artist, or album name. Quite a few blind alleys. Also blogged about my railway scraper here

Thoughts I need a few hours straight at this one!

Day 13: 2017-Jan-14

Today’s Progress Published this repo on Github Pages to make it a little more readable.

Started to think about my next project and sketch that out. Going to create a crawler and logger for my music collection. I want it to spider a structured file store, which is in the format:

Lots of the MP3s are well tagged but not all Some are wrong. Many folders have folder.jpg but most don’t.

I want to walk the file structure, derive genre, artist, album name from the structure and then compare those with the ID3 tags. Look for untagged files, and missing folder,jpg files, and report on that.

I might look at fixing tags automatically.

So far I have created a file-walker, set up a simplified test file structure, and got it reporting on missing folder.jpgs.

Thoughts This is going to be a bigger project.

Day 12: 2017-Jan-13

Today’s Progress Back to the main project. Noticed that the rail company had published new performance reports; this one for period 10 of 2016-17. I ran the scraper - and it crashed. After some investigation I spotted that they had changed the file naming convention to now use underscores instead of dashes. Created the logic to deal with that - now scraper_v1.4.py That change followed last month’s change to the PDF to introduce a blank column in the middle of the table of data for individual stations. I guess this shows how scraping is always a game of catch-up

Thoughts Good to have three complete (4-week) periods of data built up now.

Day 11: 2017-Jan-12

Today’s Progress Struck by the difference in tone of the speeches of presidents Obama and Trump as reported on last night’s news I decided to do a very quick bit of frequency analysis tonight. You can find the code in this new repo

Thoughts A fun side project.

Day 10: 2017-Jan-11

Today’s Progress Great progress. Fixed the database write issue. Created code to test for an extra column to the right of station names in output CSV file. Pushed v1.3 of the scraper to the repo.

Thoughts A much more positive night!

Day 9: 2017-Jan-10

Today’s Progress Back on my main project tonight. Struggled to debug a script in Python to write to the database. Two out of three table writes are ok but the main table one is causing problems. Need to find a couple of hours back to back to sort it out tomorow.

Thoughts Going in circles tonight.

Day 8: 2017-Jan-09

Today’s Progress Was bad today. Instead of fixing my scraper to cope with malformed / inconsistently formed PDFs which break it when I try to process one, I jumped to another scraping programme for a bit of a change.

Thoughts I must come back to the first project tomorrow. No excuses.

Day 7: 2017-Jan-08

Today’s Progress Moved the code to drop and create SQL tables to a function, and commented out the call to it to stop existing data being lost. Started to create a routine to convert old performance reports. I have one downloaded. I have been promised others.

Thoughts I need to test the code on the new report which will be released w/c 2017-Jan-09. Then it will be essentially complete. Need to decide on my next project - probably a Twitter one.

Day 6: 2017-Jan-07

Today’s Progress Created second and third DB tables, and linked these through foreign keys. Wrote code to extract the overall monthly performance percentages. Stored these in the Percentages table. Amended the main table so that it stores fewer fields but a pointer to the Periods table in which I store the definition of years, periods and dates covered by each report.

Thoughts A couple of hours well spent.

Day 5: 2017-Jan-06

Today’s Progress Added and tested code to create a SQLite database and populate the main table of monthly data per station. Still to create a linked table to store both the period definition (e.g. 9 = 13 Nov to 10 Dec) and the overall network performance

Thoughts Managed over an hour again but too tired tonight to do more.

Day 4: 2017-Jan-05

Today’s Progress: Tidied a litte code. Worked on getting the Git files sorted and pushing those to the repo below. Also forked and published this repo.

Thoughts Unsettled by being thrown into VI editor for the first time since about 1998! Pleased that I’ve created a first public version.

Link(s) to work You can find the project on my Github Repo

Day 3: 2017-Jan-04

Today’s Progress: Worked on my railways data scraper in Python. Strung all test progs together into one combined programme. Archived the test scripts. the combined programme worked straight off. Will push v1 to github tomorrow, I promise.

Thoughts Pleased that the parts of the programme came together without issue.

Day 2: 2017-Jan-03

Today’s Progress: I signed up for the PDFTables API (see Day 1). I got the PDF to CSV conversion via API working. Now it retrieves a CSV file and saves that. I created an initial data extraction from CSV but it is still quite rough.

Thoughts: I chose CSV as, having tested the alternative file formats that the API returns, it seems easier to work with than XSLX or XML in this case due to the weird format of the original PDF.

Day 1: 2017-Jan-02

Today’s Progress: Started my first #100DaysOfCode project today. Its purpose is to make railway performance data available as open data and over time. To do that, I need to scrape PDFs, extract data via PDFTables and put that into #SQLITE database, and finally visualise it. I might try to create an API too. I got the first part started. Found the target link on the page, followed it, grabbed the name of the PDF, stored that, and downloaded the PDF itself.

Thoughts: Having been doing no coding for what feels like years (but is more like months) it feels good to be back working on a project. This builds on the four Coursera python courses I studied over xmas and New Year.